Apa punya orang tua,sanggup tinggal anak berjam-jam di luar kasino

Judi punya pasal anak terbiar berjam-jam pun tak kisah

STOMPer Ian was concerned to see kids being left on their own outside the casino at Marina Bay Sands while their parents were inside gambling.

Said the STOMPer:

"A whole group of children were left unattended for hours as their parents went gambling, leaving them sitting on their own outside the entrance of the casino."

He added:

"Firstly, the parents should not be doing this. What if their kids get kidnapped? We don't want these things to happen.

"Secondly, maybe MBS can provide some kind of facilities for these kids, as it is unsightly to see them sitting down outside like this."

sumber : stomp.com.sg

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