(Gambar) Pembantu rumah dipaksa berdiri ketika tuannnya santap walaupun ada kerusi kosong

sumber : stomp.com.sg
This maid was apparently made to stand and squat throughout dinner at a Chinese restaurant, while her employers tucked into their meal.
STOMPer Clara elaborates:
"I was having dinner at VivoCity with my family on Oct 26 at this Chinese oriental herb restaurant at level 3.
"Behind us was this couple having their dinner, with their child and their maid.
"They not only did not let the maid eat dinner, they didn't even offer her a seat.
"The restaurant was not packed and there were so many empty tables and chairs, yet they only asked for a table for two with two seats and a chair for the toddler.
"They didn't let the maid sit on any chair; she was standing and squatting all the way throughout their dinner.
"She was to look after and feed the toddler while standing or squatting down.
"I feel so upset that the maid has to work for that family."

sumber : borakkosong

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